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Lisette Anderson ([personal profile] amodelgirl) wrote2015-03-07 03:05 pm


Regarding kinks:

YES: vaginal sex, oral sex (receiving/giving), teasing (receiving), honor bondage (receiving), hurt/comfort (giving/receiving), anal sex (receiving), dressing up, rough sex
MAYBE: humiliation, choking, dub-con, non-con, BDSM, forced orgasm/orgasm denial (receiving) (depends on muses)
NO: watersports, scat, gore/vore, if unsure just ask

Regarding partners:

Lisette is a heterosexual switch and doesn't mind taking charge during sex, but also really enjoys romance and someone ELSE taking charge. She's a bit of a flirt, which is why strong men who either will care for her or who will force their way into her life and make her "theirs" are also ships for her, though she'll struggle at first against the latter.

Regarding shipping:

"Types": Men who will romance her, or men who will flirt back with her. Men who are strong-willed types who like to take what they want. Conversely, also men who are strong-willed types who wish to care for her. Romantic and sexual in nature for both, and both types treating her as the innocent young girl.